Lawyer in the case of faulty ventilators says computer hacked, cases deleted

NEWS 15.10.2021 16:21
Source: N1

During the hearing in the case of "Fadil Novalic et al.", lawyer Vasvija Vidovic noted that unknown persons had allegedly hacked her computer Thursday and that she did not have access to the documentation she needs.

“Our devices were hacked, all the documentation has disappeared,” Vidovic said.

When asked by journalists to explain what that means, Vidovic said that this could neither be related to this case nor to other cases and that she had suffered enormous damage considering that all her cases over the last 10 years had been stored on that computer.

Vasvija Vidovis is the head of the FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalić's defence team in the faulty ventilators case where he was charged with corruption, misuse of office, money laundering, lack of commitment in office and document forgery.


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