Life-saving sheet installation in Sarajevo (PHOTO)

NEWS 04.04.2022 16:13
Source: F.Z./N1

When one mentions sheets, the first thing that comes to mind is bedding and sleeping. This was the case until 1992 in Sarajevo, as well.

Today, for those Sarajevans who were under siege in the city, it was not pleasant in the city centre. The sheet was at the crossroads again.

The sheet is part of the ceremony marking the siege of the capital of BiH. Those who were unaware of this performance in Kulovica Street, which leads to central Tito Street, were uneasy to see the sheet hanging once more.

Sarajevo was under siege from 1992 to 1995, in addition to shelling, it was exposed to sniper attacks.

Many civilians and children lost their lives due to sniper fire, just because they were on the street, in need of food, water, etc.

Sarajevans found different ways to save their lives. Sheets were one way to avoid sniper bullets and save lives.


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