Locals in Tuzla, Bosnia, gather to express solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza

NEWS 29.05.2021 18:00
Source: Fena

Locals in the northeastern city of Tuzla gathered at the Freedom Square to express support for Palestinians in Gaza on Saturday.

The gathering, organised by the Palestinian community in BiH and the Association of BiH-Palestinian Friendship.


Palestinian Ambassador to Bosnia, Rezeq Namoora, attended the gathering as well and thanked all the BiH citizens who have expressed support for Palestine so far.

Among those who attended was the president of the Association ‘Strength of the Independent Woman’ from Kalesija, Hasmira Malic, who said that members of the NGO want to condemn every crime and to draw attention to the way the images coming from Palestine resemble the images of Srebrenica where a genocide took place in 1995.

Omar Nadal from Palestine, who has been studying at the Medical Faculty in Tuzla in recent years, said the gathering represents proof that “there are still good and humane people in the world who see the terror the Palestinian people are enduring.”


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