Man who saved US tourist from drowning in Mostar dies at the age of 30

NEWS 09.11.2022 20:14
Source: Instagram (Hamza Ali Duraković)

Ali Hamza Durakovic, a famous Mostar bodybuilder and diver who saved a US tourist from drowning in Mostar, died Wednesday at the age of 30.

This was confirmed by the Mostar Forever Instagram profile.

“The heroic act of saving the tourist’s life when Hamza and Admir Delic Gum jumped into the river happened in May this year. It will remain in our memory forever. They say that when you save one life, it's like you saved the whole world,” the Instagram profile said.

Durakovic's brave act took place in May of this year when one of the tourists from the US tried to jump from the Old Bridge but failed to swim out of the Neretva river. Then his colleague Admir Delic Guma and Ali Hamza Durakovic, who normally took tourists on a boat, saved the tourist, who had already lost consciousness.


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