Mass brawl at migrant camp near Sarajevo, two police officers injured (PHOTO)

NEWS 21.01.2021 08:26
Source: N1

Several migrants were apprehended after a mass brawl that emerged Wednesday late night at the Blazuj camp, near the capital Sarajevo.

Several police officers were injured as they arrived at the site to restore order, while several police vehicles were damaged.

According to the Sarajevo Canton Interior Ministry's official report, the clash first emerged when officials of the International Organisation for Migrations (IOM) arrived at the camp to relocate one of the migrants who was disturbing order and peace at this location.

“The migrant is actually the leader of one of the groups in this camp. Migrants tried to set him free forcibly which led to the conflict,” said spokesperson Mirza Hadziabdic.

Several migrants were apprehended, while two police officers required medical assistance.

Some 3,000 migrants are accommodated in the Blazuj camp and minor accidents are often reported at this location.


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