Members of Jewish religious group Lev Tahor left Bosnia

NEWS 04.02.2022 10:58
Source: F. Z./N1

The 37 members of the Jewish religious group Lev Tahor who have been staying in Bosnia and Herzegovina left the country on Thursday evening.

Reports of the group, which includes citizens of the United States, Canada and Guatemala, residing in the country aroused great public interest in the past several days. They were accommodated in two buildings in the East Ilidza municipality, near the capital.

The group left Bosnia and Herzegovina before their visa-free stay expired, the Service for Foreigner’s Affairs said.

According to the statement, inspectors performed operational checks and control of the mentioned persons on a daily basis.

The group entered Bosnia and Herzegovina in November 2021. The Service for Foreigner’s Affairs conducted inspections of the foreign nationals through available official records, including INTERPOL records.

No incidents were reported during their stay in the country and security agencies did not establish that they represented a security threat.


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