Memic family lawyer filed criminal complaint against 40 people

NEWS 02.02.2021 12:10
Source: N1

The attorney of the family of the deceased Dzenan Memic, Ifet Feraget said Tuesday that he had filed a criminal complaint against more than 40 individuals in connection with the case of the young man's death from 2016. His announcement comes after the family gathered in front of the BiH Court the same day to demand the dismissal of Sarajevo Canton's Chief Prosecutor Sabina Sarajlija for professional reasons.

“I’ve filed a criminal complaint against over 40 people [in connection with the case] and the number one person is Dalida Burzic, [the former Chief Prosecutor in Sarajevo Canton],” Feraget said in front of the BiH Court.

“There is no order to conduct an investigation regarding Dalida Burzic. There are a number of reasons why a prosecutor may be suspended. We have the right to ask ourselves whether any prosecutor can file a false indictment. One must be prosecuted here, but that doesn’t mean they will be punished,” Feraget said, adding:

“There are several prosecutors involved and everyone had to be prosecuted. We demand responsibility. By filing a false indictment, you haven’t gained on time not to be prosecuted. It turned out that the rule of law doesn’t exist in this case.”

He noted that he will let the state Prosecution do its job after it took over the said case from the Cantonal Prosecution.

“We will let the BiH Prosecutor's Office do its job, this is the third Court that is dealing with this case, and the case is such that even an inexperienced attorney would solve it in 30 days. If you are investigating and prosecuting organized crime, it’s no longer about traffic – and that is clear to everyone,” Feraget stressed.

Zijad Mutap and Hasan Dupovac were handed over to the jurisdiction of the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina after they were apprehended Monday in BiH special police operation on suspicion of obstructing the investigation into the death of Dzenan Memic, which took place in February 2016, the prosecution said Tuesday.

They were criminally processed by the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), where they were questioned as suspects for the criminal offence of “organized crime” in connection with the criminal offences of “illegal mediation” and “assistance to the perpetrator after a criminal offence”, the Prosecution added.

Dzenan Memic's father, Muriz Memic, said that he is asking Chief Cantonal Prosecutor Sabina Sarajlija to leave and resign, for professional reasons.

“It’s clear to everyone since Monday that Dzenan was murdered and that the state Prosecutor's Office is doing a good job. For a start, Dalilda Burzic must be suspended,” he stated.

He also stated that Prosecutor Sarajlija never wanted to meet with him, although he requested a meeting.

“She’s unprofessional and has no feelings for the victim. She works for other people. We’ll soon know who the killer is and who the accomplices are,” Memic said, adding:

“Sabina Sarajlija knows that this is not a traffic accident, Dalida Burzic (who led the case) told her to continue to claim so. She (Sarajlija) must resign.”

He noted that he believes the state Prosecution and that according to his information, an incredible number of people were involved with the whole case.

Dzenan Memic was 21 when his body was discovered in February 2016 in Sarajevo.

The Court initially ruled that Memic died after being struck by a car, but in a recent trial, those accused of causing the accident were cleared of responsibility.

The young man's father, Muriz Memic, was satisfied with the ruling because he never believed that his son's death accidental. He is convinced that local authorities, specifically the Prosecutor’s Office, are trying to protect Dzenan's murderers.


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