MEP Koster: Dodik and Covic most responsible for crisis in Bosnia

NEWS 10.05.2022 14:05
Source: N1

European Parliament's focus on political crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina is important, deems MEP Dietmar Koster, who has also welcomed the announcement of the October elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Speaking to N1 during his visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Koster said he hoped for free and fair elections but also for changes to take place in Bosnia and Herzegovina following the vote. Despite the obstacles, he is convinced that the way will be found for financing of the election process.

Speaking about the political crisis in the country, the MEP said the most responsible ones for it are political leaders Milorad Dodik and Dragan Covic.

Asked about Dragan Covic, the leader of the main Croat party HDZ BiH, announcing a possibility of territorial reorganisation of the country and if this could cause another round of sanctions, Koster replied that Dodik's example proves the sanctions give effect.

According to him, the Bosnian Serb politician slightly gave up on his efforts to secure more power for Republika Srpska, Bosnia's Serb-majority entity and that this was a result of the sanctions imposed against him.

As for Covic, Koster continued, he is playing on ethno-nationalist card which is “completely unacceptable.”

There are discussions on a third entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina must be preserved and this is crucial for the European Union.

The MEP also mentioned Covic's support for the EU and its values but that he keeps on blocking laws in order to achieve his goals. “I don't trust him at all,” Koster stressed.


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