MEP Paulo Rangel: BiH is at the heart of Europe and its natural place is in EU

NEWS 25.06.2021 09:20

Bosnia is at the heart of Europe and its natural place is in the EU and “like the EU, BiH must be a project of peace between peoples embracing a dream of common prosperity,” European Parliament member, Paulo Rangel tweeted after the EP adopted a report on BiH, expressing strong support for the country's integration into the EU.

According to the press released issued after the vote on Thursday, the MEPs recognised “the steps taken by Bosnia and Herzegovina to address key aspects of the (European) Commission's Opinion on the country's EU membership application,” but has also recalled, “that the effective functioning of independent and accountable democratic institutions is a prerequisite for advancing in the EU integration process, including obtaining candidate status.”

The MEPs said that the reforms in the areas of democratic functionality, rule of law, fundamental rights and public administration are crucial.


As for the obligations that the country is expected to meet on its EU path, the MEPs said that BiH needs to address shortcomings in its constitutional framework and move forward with reforms to transform the country into a fully functional state.

MEP Tineke Strik said she was glad that “a critical but constructive annual report on Bosnia and Herzegovina has been adopted” and that it supports Bosnia’s future within the EU and “strongly rejects divisive and ethno-nationalistic language.”


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