MEP Strik: EU ministers to discuss sanctions on Dodik next week

NEWS 13.11.2021 18:011 komentar

European Union has to join the United States and impose the sanctions on Milorad Dodik, the Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, European Parliament member Tineke Strik said in an interview with N1, unveiling that this subject will be discussed by EU foreign ministers on Monday.

Speaking to N1's Ika Ferrer Gotic, Strik said said the EU must clearly demonstrate its stance and tell Dodik: “If you go on like this, we will come with sanctions, because we want you to stop.”

MEP Strik, who represents The Netherlands and is a member of the Group of Greens/European Free Alliance, arrived in Bosnia amidst political tensions, caused by Dodik's announcement of withdrawal of Repubilka Srpska, Bosnia's Serb-majority region, from the state-level institutions.

What caused the biggest concern was his announcement of the withdrawal from the Armed Forces and forming another army in the Republika Srpska entity.

“This is exactly what creates tensions. Especially if Mr. Dodik wants his own army. Two armies in one country clearly tells what message you convey,” stressed Strik.

According to her, it is not too late for the EU to make steps but it is about time to act.

“It has to be made clear that we all condemn this and that everyone will treat the situation together in a consistent manner,” she said.

Watch the first part of the interview in the video.


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