MEPs discuss Bosnia's EU path, October elections with BiH MPs

NEWS 09.05.2022 12:44
Source: N1

A group of European Parliament members met with the Bosnian MPs on Monday, to discuss the October elections, Bosnia's path to European Union as well as the work of the state-level institutions and Russian influence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They said it was not a coincidence they chose this date, which marks the Victory Day and the Europe Day, for their visit.

“This is a special day and it is not a coincidence with chose this special day for the EU and Bosnia and Herzegovina to discuss the overcoming of problems that we are facing,” said MEP Andreas Schiede, stressing it was important to show support for Bosnia's EU candidate status.

He stressed that the words must be followed by actions, and that the European Parliament members are supportive of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding the EU accession.

Asked by N1 reporter about Croatian President's conditioning of Finland's NATO accession with electoral reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Schiede said this was a complex matter and words that help no one – “neither to BiH nor the EU or the partners who are facing security threats.”

MEP Dietmar Koester warned that current situation, considering Russia's aggression on Ukraine and instability of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is very dangerous.

He stressed that the goal of the aggression is to “destabilise EU and make influence on BiH.”

The MP recalled of the sanctions imposed against Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik, noting that what needs to be done now is to secure the functionality of the state-level institutions.

“We must make efforts, we are aware of the dangers and we are closely following the developments. We will discuss this at the European Parliament,” he added.


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