Migrants set up ‘tent shops’ at Lipa camp in northwestern Bosnia

NEWS 18.01.2021 16:17
Source: N1

The hundreds of migrants staying at the Lipa tent camp in Bosnia’s northwest only receive two meals daily from the Red Cross, so some of them have started a business - they set up ‘tent shops’ where they sell food.

The tent shops are run by Afghani and Pakistani nationals. Other migrants can buy bread or a serving of potatoes for one Bosnian Mark (BAM) from them, while tea costs 0.50 BAM.


The tld N1 that business is going great, but they would not reveal where they buy the goods which they then sell to others.

Camp Lipa is currently in the process of being “winterised” after several failed attempts to relocate the migrants to another area.

The makeshift camp, which was run by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), was shut down at the end of December. The IOM left because the migrants staying there had no access to electricity or running water and the tents did not provide adequate shelter from the winter weather conditions.

As migrants were leaving the camp, a fire broke out and destroyed most of the tents.

Since the migrants could not be relocated to any other location due to local resistance, authorities decided to make Lipa suitable for accommodating them in the winter.


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