Milorad Dodik to visit Moscow in September

NEWS 18.08.2022 13:10
Source: N1

BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik said after a meeting with the Russian Ambassador Thursday that he will visit Russia by the end of September.

Dodik told reporters in Banja Luka that he spoke with the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Igor Kalabuhov, about the gas pipeline connecting Banja Luka to the Russian gas, saying “that even after 12 years, the Council of Ministers has not reached a consensus regarding the construction of the gas pipeline”.

“As long as we are in power, and we believe that we will remain [in power], no project in Bosnia and Herzegovina will pass until the issue of the adoption of the gas pipeline to Banja Luka is approved,” said Dodik.

He added that he talked with Kalabuhov about cooperation and the current situation in Bosnia, saying again that “BiH has an illegal High Representative.”


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