“Mirëdita, dobar dan”: Monument to all citizens of Serbia and region

Source: FoNet/ Zoran Mrđa

A monument for all citizens of Serbia, that will not value national or ethnic feelings, needs to be made because all the victims of the 1999 war were citizens of Serbia, concluded a panel discussion titled “Memorials suited to the victims,” that was held during the "Mirdita, dobar dan,” on Friday.

The memorial would pay homage to innocent victims wherever they are, in Kosovo or Srebrenica, said the vice president of the Association of Kosovo Victims, Marinko Djuric.

The coexistence we had in Yugoslavia in Kosovo was not a fairy tale. We went to each other’s Eid, Christian holidays, Djuric, adding that hiding crimes is shameful.

Lush Krasniqi, who lost many family members during the war in Kosovo, said the names of the perpetrators needed to be known so that they could be brought to justice and punished.

“We’re interested in justice. Why would someone come to someone else’s house, commit a crime and go unpunished,” Krasnici said.

The Festival began on May 25, and ends on May 28.

The “Miredita, dobar dan” festival is an annual event that has been taking place every year since 2014. “Miredita, dobar dan!” festival merges the art, culture, advocacy, and public debate in one platform, making it unique.

By bringing together artists, human rights and peace activists, and opinion makers from Kosovo and Serbia, the festival enriches regional perspectives and fosters cooperation and peacebuilding. Besides presenting the best of the contemporary art scene, essential part of the festival are public debates and advocacy actions.


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