Montenegrin Minister: I will recognize Srebrenica genocide once it is proven

NEWS 26.03.2021 20:06
Source: za N1

Montenegrin Justice, Human and Minority Rights Minister Vladimir Leposavic said Friday that he is ready to recognize that the crime of genocide was committed in Srebrenica "when it gets proven unequivocally."

Leposavic, who is a doctor of law, became known to the general public as a member of the legal team of the Metropolitanate of the Montenegrin-Primorje Serbian Orthodox Church, added that the Court in The Hague, where the Srebrenica genocide was tried, “had lost its legitimacy.”

Leposavic stated that the decision of the International Court of Justice, which qualified the crime in Srebrenica as genocide, was based on the findings of the Hague Tribunal, which, according to him, had almost completely lost its legitimacy „when the Council of Europe rapporteur's evidence on the removal and trafficking of organs from Serb civilian victims in Kosovo were destroyed in that court.”

Speaking at the Montenegrin Parliament, Leposavic said that he did not know whether the criminals in Srebrenica had genocidal intent or not, but that he could only trust the judges from The Hague.

The Minister noted that he would not dispute the feelings and beliefs of Bosniaks and Muslims who will not stop experiencing this crime in their hearts as their permanent suffering and tragedy.




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