Montenegrin participant says he will attend Peace March as long as he can

Source: N1

A large number of participants in the Peace March came from abroad. Among them is Bejto Sabanovic a Montenegrin from Plav. This is his sixth Peace March.

“I started attending the Peace March in 2015, but for the last two years I didn't go because of COVID. Before that, in the organization of the youth of Montenegro Bosniak Party, 20 of us came to Potocari for the funeral and then I saw people marching. I asked what it was about. I came for the first time in 2015 with two friends. I think that in this way we pay tribute to those killed in Srebrenica and the wider area, and I think that each of us, looking at it from a human level, is obliged to go through this route at least once and in this way at least partially go through what those people who were like in ‘95 went through,” Sabanovic told N1.

He pointed out that the move by the Parliament of Montenegro to adopt the Resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica is a contribution to civilization. The next step, he adds, is to make genocide denial a criminal offence, because “that's the only way to prevent this from happening to anyone again.”

“I met a lot of people from Srebrenica, Bratunac who lost extended and close family members. And just now, when I started the march, my family asked me, ‘why are you going, it's Eid.’ I'm usually at home with my parents during Eid. I told them, you have my brother and sister to come, some mothers have no one to come. I promised myself that as long as I can walk I will come here because I simply feel it as some kind of support for these people who survived here despite everything that happened”, Sabanovic said.


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