Montenegrin PM: We respect BiH and recognize Day of Republic of BiH

NEWS 13.01.2021 08:55
Source: N1

Montenegrin Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic told Aljazeera Balkans Tuesday that his country respects the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and they recognize the Day of the Republic of BiH and everything else internationally recognized regarding the country.

Reactions over the Montenegrin Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic's congratulations to Prime Minister of Bosnia's Serb dominated entity Republika Srpska (RS) Zeljka Cvijanovic over the celebration of the unconstitutional Day of RS are not subsiding. After the condemnation from BiH and Krivokapic's statement that he congratulated the unconstitutional holiday in a private conversation, Abazovic also reacted to the incident.

“Let me be very, very clear – I believe the Montenegrin Government should not have congratulated and it didn't congratulate the Day of RS officially. We recognize the Day of the Republic of BiH, respecting all other international principles which is simply an ordinary neighbourly practice but also an international policy,” Abazovic said.

He added that heightening tensions, in this case, is pointless.

“I don't understand to constantly create hostilities instead of nurturing the policy of reconciliation between our two countries and the region. We must understand that we live in countries that have had a very tragic past which happened quite recently and that this is the only way to eliminate all our frustrations. The thing we can do is to sometimes turn a blind eye if need be,” Abazovic concluded.


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