Montenegro opens borders for tourists from eastern Europe

NEWS 24.04.2021 12:52
Source: Anadolija

Following a further drop in the number of new coronavirus infections, Montenegrin health authorities on Friday decided to additionally relax anti-epidemic measures and let tourists from eastern Europe enter the country without any restrictions.

Nationals of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine will be able to enter Montenegro as of Saturday without a negative test for COVID-19 or proof of vaccination, and the same conditions will apply to citizens from countries in the region.

Passengers from other countries will have to have a negative PCR rests or proof that they have received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine at least seven days before entering Montenegro.

After the collapse of last year's tourist season, Montenegro's government this year expects €600 million in tourism revenue, which is 60% of the revenue earned in 2019, the most successful tourist season so far.

Over the past month and a half, Montenegro has managed, by introducing tight restrictions, accompanied by a rather slow vaccination campaign, to reduce the number of active cases from around 10,000 to the current 2,753.

Despite the relaxation of epidemiological restrictions, the wearing of face masks outdoors and indoors is still obligatory and a night curfew lasting from 11 pm to 5 am has been in force. A maximum of four people are allowed to sit at the same table in bars and restaurants.

So far, around seven percent of the country's population has been inoculated while half of those vaccinated have received both doses.


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