Montenegro PM: Entire humanity was killed in the Srebrenica genocide

NEWS 11.07.2022 12:57
Source: N1

Montenegrin Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic came to Srebrenica Monday to pay his respects to the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica. At the commemoration in Potocari, he pointed out that "genocide was not committed against Bosniaks, but against human beings and it was not committed by armies but by politics, the politics of evil, the politics of death and the politics of fraud."

“Humanity was killed in this place on July 11, 1995, but Bosnia continued to live. And today's symbolic marking is just a memory of how bad we were back then. Not only those who lived here, not only those who lived in the surrounding area, but also those who were thought to have come to help, but actually failed to do anything significant. Even today, 27 years later, the spirit of hatred, discord and division still lives in the Balkans, which fortunately does not manifest itself in the form of war, but does in policies that are filled with hate speech or denial of truth and facts,” Abazovic said in his emotional speech.

He said that this is just an appeal to everyone that we must be better because we cannot change the past, but we can change the future.

On behalf of the Government of Montenegro, he expressed his deepest condolences to all the victims, supported the families of the victims and said that he believes that only together we can build a much better future.

The remains of 50 victims of the genocide committed in Srebrenica in 1995 will be buried Monday at the Srebrenica Memorial Center – Potocari, during a collective funeral.

So far, 6,671 victims have been buried in the Srebrenica – Potocari Memorial Center.