Montenegro sees first same-sex marriage in city of Budva

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The first same-sex marriage was concluded in the Montenegrin city of Budva where two young women who are originally from the Balkans but live and work abroad got married.

Milijana Vukotic-Jelusic, the secretary for local government, said that the municipality of Budva had the honour of being chosen as a destination on whose territory the first life partnership of persons of the same sex was concluded.

She further clarified that these girls contacted the Secretariat for Local Self-Government immediately after the Law on Life Partnership of Persons of the Same-Sex came into force.

“Of course, as a municipality, we took all the necessary procedures so that this law and all bylaws related to it can be applied without hindrance. We have provided a register of partnerships, a prescribed excerpt from the register which is delivered to the partners immediately after the conclusion of the partnership, as well as the presence of councillors in accordance with the said Law. During the ceremony, which was held in the building of the Municipality of Budva, the partners were presented with rights and obligations in accordance with the law, and in the words of Dusko Radovic about love and life together we explained what is not covered by the Law. We are glad that we were able to be the first to apply the Law on Life Partnership and we wish happiness and a lot of love to the partners in their life together,” said Vukotic-Jelusic, wrote.

The Montenegrin Parliament adopted the Law on Life Partnership in July 2020, and it entered into force on July 15, this year.


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