Mosque in Montenegro desecrated with anti-Bosniak inscriptions

NEWS 10.02.2021 12:28
Source: Anadolija

Inscriptions “Srebrenica,” “Turks” and “Niksic will be Srebrenica,” along with four letters S appeared Wednesday morning on the walls surrounding the Hadzi-Ismail Mosque and at its entrance, in the Montenegrin city of Niksic, Anadolu Agency reports.

The desecration of the mosque in Niksic took place a day after a cross with four letters S was drawn on the wall of the fence of the Osmanagic mosque in Podgorica, on Tuesday.

Mirsad Agovic, the head of the Niksic Islamic Community Committee, said it was a shameful act.

“They didn't scare us in the 1990s either, so they won't scare us now. Whoever wrote this, this is his shame,” Agovic told Anadolu Agency.

There used to be nine mosques in Niksic. The only left is the Hadzi Ismail Mosque.

The Hadzi-Ismail Mosque, which is under the protection of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural and Historical Monuments of Montenegro, survived the bombing in 1993 when dynamite was placed under its minaret.


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