Most migrants accommodated in tents in northwest Bosnia

NEWS 12.01.2021 08:23

Most illegal migrants, who had been stranded in the open near the Bosnia-Croatia border, were accommodated on Monday in tents set up by the army at the Lipa camp near the northwestern city of Bihać, however, the conditions in those premises were still difficult due to the inclement winter weather.

More than a thousand migrants were in the open in recent days despite the cold and snowy weather.

The majority of works necessary to prepare the Lipa compound for new groups of migrants were conducted by the army. The camp was connected to electricity and new facilities for dining have been set up.

Passes are also necessary for migrants to enter and leave the compound.

Local humanitarian activist Zlatan Kovačević was quoted as saying that many migrants are suffering from chilblains.

Recently, some parts of the camps were set on fire, and migrants were forced to stay in the open.


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