Mostar hosts honorary reception for European Swimming Champion Lana Pudar

NEWS 20.08.2022 19:54
Source: N1 / F.Z.

Bosnia’s best swimmer Lana Pudar entered the history of sports in BiH by winning gold at the European Champion 200 metre Butterfly stroke race, and on that occasion, a formal conference and honorary reception were held Saturday under the Old Bridge in Mostar.

Lana did not hide her happiness to be back home and among her friends and family.

“Thank you very much for the applause and for coming. I must also thank the media, you too are responsible for the fact that my result resonated in the country and abroad. Thank you for your understanding, I really need a break right now. I've had enough of everything, the season was long and tiring, but also very, very successful. I have to thank my team, Goran, Alena and Damir. Thanks to my family and people who make it possible for me to go to preparations and competitions. We don't exactly live in a state that is in good shape and I know that the financial situation is difficult, but I have not felt such a problem. Thank you all,” Lana Pudar said during the conference.

Her coach Damir Djedovic said it was not easy getting to this point.

“I am glad that the work paid off. This couldn’t be possible without the help of institutions. I would like to thank everyone who contributed in any way. I hope that the construction of the Olympic swimming pool in Mostar will no longer be a taboo topic and that it will begin as soon as possible. Lana deserves it, Mostar deserves it and this result is an indication that we should start with it as soon as possible,” Djedovic said.

Coach Alena Cemalovic pointed out that from the very beginning they had full confidence in young Lana.

“This is the eleventh year that the president of the club, Lana and I have been working together. When we started with this story, we sincerely wanted this to be the story of good and quality swimmers from Mostar and Bosnia. Eleven years later, we are seeing that it is possible to succeed here. We don't have to go abroad to find staff for European and world quality. I’m glad that we were able to host coach Goran from Banja Luka for the first time at this press conference, who is really my mentor in swimming. He is one of the best coaches in Europe. Our focus after this is 2023, when we’ll focus on Paris. We have to repeat this so that we will have secure the ticket for the Olympic Games and then we’ll focus on other competitions,” said Lana Pudar's coach, Alena Cemalovic.

Coach Goran Grahovac did not hide his satisfaction either.

“We gathered here under the bridge for first time and already I can feel the energy and I love this. After Lana's race I got a million calls from people crying. I don't understand it, ‘cause I'm looking at everything through my stopwatch. I'm glad you're happy, this is a time for laughing not to crying. My head is in Paris right now and I hope we will achieve what we’re planning,” said Goran Grahovac.

Source: : F.Z./N1
Source: : F.Z./N1
Source: : F.Z./N1
Source: : F.Z./N1
Source: : F.Z./N1
Source: : F.Z./N1


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