Mostar is bustling with tourists once again

Znakovi oporavka: Stari grad u Mostaru konačno ispunili turisti
Source: Izvor: Željko Milicevic/Anadolija

After so long, a large number of tourists mostly from the countries of the region and other cities in Bosnia visited the old part of Mostar on Sunday.

In addition to mitigating the measures taken to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the higher attendance was certainly brought by favourable weather conditions.

Tourists paid for the dives from the Old Bridge to the satisfaction of the hosts, which improved the mood of the members of the Jumping Club “Mostari” (“Bridgers”), who earn from these jumps during the season.

A new attraction are the boats that take visitors along the Neretva under one of the most beautiful arches in Europe.
After a long time, souvenir sellers in Mostar are also satisfied, believing that with the arrival of vaccines, the pandemic will come to an end as well.

Sunday’s guests were mostly citizens of Montenegro and Croatia. Tourist workers in the Old Town told Anadolu Agency that the number of tourists has been growing for ten days, that the so-called tours are coming again, and that an even larger number of visitors is expected in the coming days.


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