Mostar residents mark the anniversary of the Old Bridge destruction

Source: Anadolija

Several hundred Mostar residents marked the 28th anniversary of the Old Bridge’s destruction by throwing carnation flowers into the Neretva river and silently observing the traditional dive into the river from the top of the bridge.

Symbolically, at 10:16 am, when the most valuable symbol of the BiH’s cultural and historical inheritance saw destroyed, the gathered residents threw the carnation flowers, accompanied by the sound of the siren which announced imminent threat during the 1992-1995 Bosnian war. After this, they silently observed the traditional dive from the bridge.

“As in previous years, we’ve gathered to mark the anniversary of the destruction of the Old Bridge, humbly and without applause. This year’s dive’s been a bit difficult due to the higher water level, but our divers are used to diving both in winter as well as in the summer, when the water levels are higher and lower,” head of the “Mostari” (Bridgers) Lorens Listo said on this occasion.

Many youths and children gathered on the bridge. The anniversary was also marked by Velez Football Club staff and players, who attended the ceremony.

The Mostar Old Bridge was destroyed by the Croat Defence Council on November 9, 1993, and with it the entire old town, including several mosques and a madrasa. The shelling which lasted for days was intensified on November 8. The moment of the Bridge’s destruction was captured by two cameras.


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