Mothers of Srebrenica Association say they can never forgive Gideon Greif

NEWS 20.01.2022 14:51
Source: N1

Representatives of Mothers of Srebrenica Association told N1 that Gideon Greif attempted to “turn lies into truth and truth into lies” in his Srebrenica genocide report ordered by the Republika Srpska (RS) entity government and that despite his confession that he made a mistake, they would never forgive him for it.

Kada Hotic, the Association’s Vice President and genocide survivor said that Greif was organized [by the RS government] “to review the events in Srebrenica in order to minimize and reduce the numbers and deny the genocide. He was even nominated for the award in Germany, but the “Mothers of Srebrenica and Zepa enclaves Movement” and the Association of Genocide Victims and Witnesses (UZSG) sent a letter to the President of Germany saying it was a disgrace [that he should win an award] and that the genocide had been recognized in The Hague Tribunal. Thank God it was undone and now he (Greif) has changed his mind aware that he was lying. He is aware that he was lying and Serbs (the RS government) are aware that he was lying. But we are used to those injuries, we know that they lie. The last phase [of genocide] is the denial of genocide but they will not succeed,” Hotic noted.

Source : N1

The Association President Munira Subasic said she could never forgive Greif and that he should never have done such a thing. She added that she feels even sadder knowing that he comes from the people who were victims of the Holocaust.

“I will never forgive him for wanting to turn a lie into truth and truth into a lie. There are verdicts, there are mass graves, there is a Memorial in Potocari and no one can deny that. They just need to understand the real truth and tell it for the better future of our children. He said he had changed his mind because his conscience could not stand it. I am sorry because he also belongs to the victims of the Holocaust. As a victim of genocide, I could never deny something that the verdicts have established,” said Subasic.


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