Mothers of Srebrenica in room with criminal from unit that killed their sons

NEWS 29.03.2022 13:47
Source: N1

A member of the infamous Scorpions unit, Sasa Cvjetan, who was convicted of war crimes in Kosovo, was a VIP guest at the celebration of Srebrenica Municipality Day. In July 1995, the Scorpions were one of the units whose members killed Srebrenica prisoners in front of the cameras. Cvjetan served a 16-year sentence.

The My Address is Srebrenica initiative held an extraordinary press conference on the occasion of the presence of a member of the criminal organization to mark the day of the Municipality.

“We have made a lot of efforts to find a compromise,” said Camil Durakovic, the former Mayor of Srebrenica, at the beginning of his address.

“[Srebrenica Mayor Mladen] Grujicic is known for bringing war criminals here. You know that Milan Jolovic, the commander of the “Vukovi s Drine” (“Wolves from the Drina”), stayed here, he paid an official visit to Grujicic, assisted by monks and Orthodox priests, and we know that Luka Babic, a monk, is a great friend of those structures. I was at that assembly because we think that day is very important. What the Mayor did is frightening. We almost left the session, the program was Serbianized. This municipality is not Serbian, but Serb and Bosniak. Serbs too were horrified after the information was released yesterday. Such a chief should be removed. Bringing a war criminal to the place where the genocide took place on the Day of the Municipality is frightening. I don't know what's next. I was sitting next to that man, I didn't recognize him, we barely discovered that we were attending a ceremony with a war criminal,” said Durakovic.

Sadik Ahmetovic called for change in election process in Srebrenica

“We want those who promised us to help bring a minimum of justice to Srebrenica. I call on international representatives and domestic politicians to have Srebrenica on the table within the framework of the Election Law. Here, decisions must be made by Serbs and Bosniaks, any domination can lead to problems. I call on the international community to finally establish peace in Srebrenica through these changes,” Former Security Minister Sadik Ahmetovic said.

Mothers of Srebrenica in the same room with the killer of their sons

“When you get into a situation where the mothers of Srebrenica who came to celebrate the day of the Municipality are together with those who killed their sons, then that is a terrible message. If we had a different statute, this would not have a chance to pass the procedures. That is why it is important that Srebrenica is on the table of those who decide on changes to the BiH Election Law,” Ahmetovic concluded.

Srebrenica Mayor: Cvjetan was never invited

Speaking to N1, Grujicic refuted the allegations that he invited Cvjetan to the ceremony.

“I didn’t know that Cvjetan was attending the celebration, he is not on the official list of guests. Anyone could enter the hall, we didn't check, and if we did, I wouldn't know the gentleman,” the Mayor of Srebrenica, Malden Grujicic, told N1.

“I heard from the media that he was there, I know Mr Jobo, the owner of the ‘Ekonomic’ factory, they were together, there is a possibility that he was there as a driver or someone's escort, my cabinet invites representatives of RS institutions to such events. The President of the Assembly invites officials from the Federation of BiH entity. He was not on the list of 117 guests, and we agreed on the list together,” the Srebrenica Mayor concluded.


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