MP slams prosecution for lack of reaction over arrest of Bosnian national

NEWS 12.10.2021 12:00
Source: FENA

Reaction of the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding Edin Vranj, Bosnia's former senior official whom Serbian authorities recently arrested over the charges for allegedly committing war crimes, is “completely disappointing,” said Bosnian MP Adil Osmanovic, a day after a Belgrade court extended detention for Vranj.

Osmanovic stressed that the Prosecutor's Office launched no initiative towards the judicial institutions of Serbia, adding that this opens a series of important issues.

The Higher Court in Belgrade extended detention for former high-ranking official of the Police Administration of Bosnia's Federation (FBiH) entity Edin Vranj, who was arrested last month on war crime charges as he crossed the Serbian border.

Osmanovic slammed the judicial institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly the Prosecutor's Office with Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadic at the helm, for not doing anything about this case, saying that they show no interest in protecting the sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Executive authorities, with the Presidency and the Foreign Affairs Ministry at the helm, he stressed, exerted pressure towards Serbia, but the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina did nothing to pressure Serbian judiciary for the violation of the protocol on cooperation on legal assistance that the two countries signed, stressed Osmanovic.