Muslim family preserved and returned precious icons to Mostar Orthodox Church

NEWS 04.01.2022 11:48
Source: SPE ZHP

On the occasion of the Orthodox New Year, the Jasarevic family handed over to the Mostar priests two old icons that were saved and preserved during the destruction of the Cathedral and the Old Church in Mostar. These are the icons of the Most Holy Mother of God and the Holy Great Martyr George, the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Zahumlje-Herzegovina and Primorska said.

The Jasarevic family lives in the neighbourhood of the Bishop's Palace in the Mostar settlement of Brankovac.

The late Ramiz Jasarevic has been keeping these icons since the last war, and he intended to hand them over during the solemn consecration of the Cathedral Church in Mostar. However, Ramiz passed away last year.

“His wife Jasna and son Nedzad Jasarevic decided to make this human and neighbourly gesture, and, with this act, they congratulated the Mostar priests on the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, on the occasion of the completion of construction on the church,” said the Diocese.


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