N1 at Poland-Ukraine border: Scores of people leaving Lviv after Sunday attack

Source: N1

The attack on the Yavoriv base in Ukraine that took place on Sunday morning prompted Nadja and her daughters, Jelena and Zlata Marija, to leave their home and only hours later they arrived in Poland.

N1 found Nadja and her daughters sitting on the sidewalk near the Medyka Border Crossing.

The children were completely unaware of what was happening. The youngest, Zlata Marija, brought some toys with her – including her favourite unicorn-shaped pillow.

Her mother is meanwhile trying to remain calm in a dire situation.

“They shelled the Yavoriv military range, we saw explosions this morning around five o’clock, so we got ready quickly. 13 people were killed, we heard that as we were leaving. An acquaintance drove us here,” Nadja explained, adding that they are now waiting for that person to cross the border as well.

“My husband lives here in Katowice, Poland, now he's picking us up. We still don't know what we will do next, we will see, if it gets better, we will return to Ukraine,” she said.

Meanwhile, more and more people are arriving at the Medyka border. Polish soldiers help the refugees. Shopping carts are being used to haul the luggage the refugees brought with them.


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