N1 at Ukraine-Poland border: Busses ready to take Ukrainian refugees to Croatia

NEWS 08.03.2022 14:17
Source: F.Z./N1

Several busses from Croatia have arrived at the border between Ukraine and Poland and will take Ukrainian refugees back to Croatia throughout the day, N1’s Tina Jelin - Dizdar reports from the scene.

Jelin – Dizdar, who has been reporting from the Medyka border crossing for the past six days, pointed out that the total number of Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in Poland so far has exceeded 1.2 million.

“The situation keeps changing day by day,” she said.

“Restrictions on journalists are also changing – it is becoming much more difficult to approach and talk to people. A huge number of people means more serious security measures,” she explained.

Jelin – Dizdar said that Poland did a great job when it comes to organising the reception of Ukrainian refugees, who are provided with food, clothes and medicines.