N1 at Ukraine-Poland border: Huge influx of Ukrainian refugees continues

NEWS 10.03.2022 11:14
Source: F.Z./N1 (Ilustracija)

The number of people leaving Ukraine is growing by the minute, and more and more often the refugees are unaccompanied children who are welcomed at the borders by volunteers who take care of them, N1’s Adisa Imamovic reports from the Poland-Ukraine border.

The operation of admitting the Ukrainian refugees is well organised in Poland, especially at the Medyka border crossing, and those who arrive in the country are provided with everything they need, Imamovic reports.

All those who come to Poland are registered and then taken to either dedicated centres or to friends or family members living in the country since Poland is home to a large Ukrainian community.

Imamovic noted that, according to information from within the country, the influx of refugees is huge and some are now sleeping at railway stations, so Poland will have to look for additional solutions in the coming period.

Imamovic explained that some 1.43 million refugees have entered Poland since the beginning of the Russian aggression on Ukraine. More than 20,000 people entered the country on Thursday morning alone, she added.

“Various political officials are arriving here in Poland, and after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, US Vice President Kamala Harris arrived in the country today to meet with the Polish Prime Minister to discuss Poland's intention to make its military planes available to Ukraine and send them to an American base in Germany,” Imamovic reported.


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