N1 in Poland: Most Ukrainians crossing the border are women and children

NEWS 03.03.2022 13:34
Source: N1

Some 505,000 Ukrainians, mostly women and children, have crossed into Poland since the Russian invasion began and, although the situation near the border is hectic, the process of admitting the refugees seems well organised, N1’s Tina Jelin Dizdar reports from the scene.

The refugees arriving at the reception point at the Medyka border crossing are provided with basic necessities, mostly food, she said.
She explained that a vast majority of those who crossed the border are women and children and that there are not many elderly men among them, since most of them decided to stay in Ukraine to defend their homes.
Jelin Dizdar said that it seems that the process at the border crossing is well organised and that SIM cards are also provided free of charge.

After this reception point, they will be further transported to one of the reception centres, she said, adding that there are nine such centres on the border alone at this point.

She also explained that there is a huge Ukrainian community in Poland, some one million people and that many of the refugees have family members in the country.

Volunteers from several European countries work at the border, she added.