New head of BiH HJPC: Our first step is to return public trust in judiciary

NEWS 11.02.2021 12:44
Source: N1

The new President of Bosnia's High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) Halil Lagumdzija said Thursday that he has been a judge for 25 years and that everything he had to say about himself was said through his verdicts but noted that he will

I never addressed the press and I think that our decisions should speak for themselves. The HJPC session [at which the new HJPC leadership has been elected] was open to the public and it was clear to everyone what was said there,“ judge Lagumdzija said.

He asked the media representatives not to pressure the new HJPC leadership too much because they are just beginning their work and that they need to “take their first breath.”

“When we get things going, we’ll have time for everyone,” Lagumdzija added.

When asked to comment on the fact that the public trust on the judiciary has been threatened he said that everyone acknowledges that fact and the first step is to bring back the public’s trust in BiH judicial institutions.

“All the HJPC members will work together with me to rebuild the public’s trust in our institutions. I will not be satisfied until we bring back that trust. I will insist on the adoption of amendments to the law on the HJPC that will improve the provisions on the composition, appointment process and the progress of integrity of this institution. I also want to see a more transparent employment process and compliance with regulations,” Lagumdzija concluded.

The HJPC is Bosnia's top judicial institution in charge of appointing and sanctioning judges and prosecutors in the entire country.


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