New US Ambassador Michael Murphy presents credentials to BiH Presidency Chair

NEWS 23.02.2022 11:52
Source: FENA/Amer Kajmović

The new US Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Michael Murphy, presented his credentials to BiH tripartite Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic on Wednesday.

Murphy is a veteran diplomat with some 30 years of experience.


Before his engagement in Kosovo in 2009, where he served as deputy head of mission at the embassy in Pristina, he also served in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In Sarajevo, he worked for three years as a political adviser at the US Embassy.

FENA/Amer Kajmović

Speaking before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee in October last year, Murphy highlighted his six key goals for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He said then that it was necessary to help BiH achieve candidate status for membership in the European Union, work on reforms of the rule of law, especially in the fight against corruption, work on increasing trade with the United States, oppose China's and Russia's aspirations in BiH, work on reconciliation among the population and work to make BiH a safe country for Americans living and working there.


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