New Year celebration in Bosnia and Herzegovina

NEWS 01.01.2022 11:52
Source: N1

Bosnia mostly did not have organized celebrations for New Year’s eve, apart from cities like Banja Luka and Mostar, while the nation’s capital, Sarajevo, opted for the donation of the funds to humanitarian aid organizations.

Despite not having an organised celebration, Sarajevans celebrated the arrival of the New Year with friends and family and prepared their own fireworks.

No emergency service or police had any major interventions, telling N1 that the night was peaceful in terms of the ER, fire department of police interventions.

In Banja Luka, on the other hand, several thousand residents gathered at the Krajina square where the famous singers Neda Ukraden and Patar Graso performed and welcomed the New Year with their fans.

Source : BN

Mostar residents also had the pleasure to listen to the hits of the Indira Levak who entertained several thousand attendees until 12 midnight.
The festive atmosphere can be seen in the video below.



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