North Macedonia Assembly commemorates Srebrenica genocide

NEWS 07.07.2022 19:15
Source: Skupština Republike Sjeverne Makedonije

North Macedonia’s Assembly held a commemorative session Thursday on the occasion of "July 11 - Remembrance Day for the Genocide in Srebrenica." Flowers of Srebrenica were distributed to those present, and a banner with motifs of the Srebrenica genocide was placed in the assembly hall.

The session was chaired by one of its initiators, MP Zecir Ramcilovic, and it was attended by the highest state officials.

After paying respects to the innocently killed victims, the President of the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia Talat Dzaferi, the First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi, members of the Parliament Sanela Skrijelj and Zecir Ramcilovic, on behalf of the Prime Minister's Office, Vladimir Pivovarov, Deputy Director of the Agency for the realization of community rights Dzelal Hodzic, and Mersiha Smailovic spoke on behalf of Bosniak non-governmental organizations.

All the speakers had one important common message of peace, to calm tensions in these sensitive moments, because it is hate speech that leads to acts of hate, and the genocide in Srebrenica must be a warning to all the people of the world, and that compromise and dialogue are the best means for peace and prosperity, and that Srebrenica never happens again to anyone!

With its declaration from 2010, the North Macedonian Assembly undertook to commemorate “11 July – The Day of Remembrance of the Genocide in Srebrenica,” but the first commemoration took place in 2017, when a parliamentary delegation led by Zecir Ramcilovic attended the commemoration in Potocari, after which this day is commemorated every year in the Assembly.