Officials, delegations pay respect to Serbs killed in Podrinje region

NEWS 02.07.2022 14:10
Source: Foto: Sandro Sekulić

Officials representing Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity and Serbia as well as representatives of war victim associations gathered on Saturday to pay respects to over 3,000 Serbs from the Podrinje region killed in the past war.

The delegations laid wreaths at the memorial in Bratunac and attended the religious ceremony led by Patriarch Porfirije.

Speaking in honour of 3,267 fallen Serbs, Porfirije said that God equally sees all people.

“Let's pray for all the victims and all brothers and sisters who died here and elsewhere, because they are God's souls. This place is sacred – the place of prayer, so the wisest and most appropriate thing to do would be to kneel down and be silent,” he said.

Milorad Dodik, the Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, emphasised the “inadequate” treatment of the Serb victims, noting that “no court took in consideration the fact that more than 3,500 Serbs, children and women, died here.”

The event was also addressed by other politicians, including the opposition PDP party leader Branislav Borenovic.

“We have been witnessing for decades that the suffering of Serbs is a collateral damage for both local and international judiciary but we are here to honour the victims, to remember and fight for truth,” he stressed.

PDP's Jelena Trivic also stressed the importance of keeping the memory of the victims.

Republika Srpska prime minister Radovan Viskovic slammed the representatives of the international community as barely none of them showed up at the ceremony iin Bratunac.

“We see no reason why they are doing that, why they divide the victims, why they divide the peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and keep on telling us the story about reconciliation and coexistence,” said Viskovic.


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