Opposite statements from Srebrenica Mayor candidates regarding repeat elections

NEWS 27.01.2021 18:14
Source: Dron.ba za N1

Srebrenica Mayor Mladen Grujicic who ran for office as Serb candidate in October 2020 said Wednesday the Court's decision to confirm repeat elections in this east Bosnian town was a political one, directed against Serbs, while his opponent Alija Tabakovic, a pro-Bosnian candidate, welcomed the decision, adding his campaign is still dissatisfied.

“We appealed, we knew in advance that the politically corrupt, biased and anti-Serb Court of BiH would make this decision. However, we had a small hope that the judges would have a trace of professionalism to make a fair decision and reject an unfounded decision to annul the elections in Srebrenica, but obviously, this judicial council had no conscience, professionalism or responsibility,” Grujicic said.

Grujicic added that this decision proved “that this is a political Court made to punish Serbs in all areas.”

He considers the Central Election Commission's (CEC) decision to repeat elections in Srebrenica and Doboj amid election fraud allegations, as well as the BiH Court's decision scandalous and shameful, and adds “that it has been shown that legal violence seeks to disenfranchise the Serb people, annul their rights and electoral will and achieve the goals and threats of the Bosniak side – that Serbs have no place in BiH.”

The pro-Bosnian candidate, on the other hand, Alija Tabakovic told N1 he welcomes the Court decision to reject all appeals to earlier confirmation of the election watchdog's decision but that he and his team are still dissatisfied.

He pointed out that neither the CEC nor the Court treated the issue of votes from abroad “since some 800 envelopes were not sent on time, so they could not arrive on time in BiH.”

“That’s the CEC’s responsibility. When we receive the Appellate Chamber’s decision, we will sit down with the legal team and see what we can do. If the CEC doesn’t take into account that this was their responsibility – the voters have registered properly, they didn’t receive their ballots on time because the mail was not sent on time from BiH. Ballots had to be sent 45 days before the election but they were sent only 15 days earlier… We’ll see what’s the purpose of even exiting the polls because we’ve lost some 800 votes in this way, which are at least two seats [in the City Council]. It’s no longer a matter of mandate, but of the attitude of state institutions towards our diaspora,” Tabakovic said.


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