Opposition in Bosnia’s RS entity calls for mass protest

NEWS 27.09.2021 13:16
Source: N1

Opposition parties in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity have announced protests for October 2nd on the Krajina Square in Banja Luka, Monday, saying this would be the beginning of a series of protests demanding "free RS and Banja Luka". They called on all RS residents to join them, saying that they should say "stop the uncontrolled behaviour of powerful people who want to destroy the BN television".

The protests are organized by the Serb Democratic Party (SDS), Party of Democratic Progress (PDP), Democratic People’s Alliance (DNS), Socialist Party (SP) and the Justice and Order movement – Nebojsa Vukanovic.

“We expect a large presence. We will use the opportunity to point out everything that caused the great revolt, not only in the opposition parties but in the public. We will not stop at only one protest, it’s a long process. We will make clear demands to the authorities in the coming days, “said SDS leader Mirko Sarovic.

PDP leader Branislav Borenovic said he would “clearly send a demand for a free RS in a free Banja Luka.”

“This date – October 2 is important because it is exactly 365 days before the General Elections in which we will choose the path that the RS will take, in which the people's government will be formed and in which we will bring great national victory to the joint candidates for RS President and BiH Presidency,” said Borenovic.


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