Opposition politician: Milorad Dodik is near the end of his political career

NEWS 17.11.2021 21:50
Vojin Mijatović u Pressingu
Source: Vojin Mijatović u Pressingu (N1)

Milorad Dodik is nearing the end of his political career and will end up tragically, said the opposition politician in Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity Vojin Mijatovic, speaking of the Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency.

According to him, Dodik is about to face “the darkest scenario” and will end up the same way as he appeared – as the international community's project.

“I have been saying up until recently that this man is not a nationalist. And he really was not. He was a proud member of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) in those years,” Mijatovic told N1's Pressing, adding that he is not sure what has happened to Dodik, the leader of the SNSD, the ruling party in Republika Srpska.

“I won't punch him. That man is reaching the end of his political career, which will end tragically,” he added.

Mijatovic deems that the Serb leader will face the sanctions, primarily the European Union's but the US will follow suit.

Vojin Mijatović u Pressingu Vojin Mijatović u Pressingu
Source: : Vojin Mijatović u Pressingu (N1)

He is certain that war is not likely to happen in Bosnia and that peace has no alternative.

“The trauma of the 1990s is still strong. They are not aware that nobody would fight for them,” he stressed, referring to the politicians using warmongering rhetoric.

Asked if anyone will get arrested as responsible for the ongoing situation in the country, Mijatovic said that the international community should pressure the judicial system to discover those who robbed the country and to figure who are the criminals.

“Bosnia's judicial system is the gangrene of this society,” he warned referring to corrupt and dysfunctional system.

Mijatovic said he believed in the force of people pursuing the changes but that they need someone to lead them.

Here he mentioned the Movement for the State, a project initiated by his Social Democratic Party for the 2022 election, saying that its main goal is to prevent the situations where Dodik or anyone else advocates secession of Republika Srpska from RS.

There are many more Bosnians and Herzegovinians in the country than Bosniaks, Serbs or Croats, Mijatovic pointed out and added that he would beat Dodik in the run for the Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency if Bosnia and Herzegovina were a single constituency.

“Here is my public offer to Dodik, if he accepts BiH as a single constituency we can go to election tomorrow and I will beat him,” he said.


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