Orban sends note to Dodik following his election victory

NEWS 22.04.2022 15:39
Source: Viktor Orban (REUTERS/Bernadett Szabo)

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban thanked Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency for his message congratulating the Hungarian official on the recent election victory.

According to Dodik's cabinet, Orban thanked for the “support that has been coming over the past months from the leading politicians in Republika Srpska (Bosnia's Serb-majority region) and members of the Serb community in Hungary.”

He also expressed belief that they would “manage to overcome together the upcoming challenges and difficult decisions.”

“Based on trust and support of voters, we will continue resolutely advocating the issue of European integration of the Western Balkans, i.e. we will continue to promote the stance that the European Union officials should better talk to the leaders in the region than talk about them,” said Orban's note for Dodik.

The Hungarian PM also wished Dodik “good health and new successes in performing his responsible duty,” according to the Presidency member's office.


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