Orthodox Christians are celebrating Christmas

NEWS 07.01.2022 08:47
Source: N1

The Serbian Orthodox Church and its faithful are celebrating the happiest Christian holiday, Christmas - the day of the birth of Jesus Christ, on Friday. All Christians celebrate Christmas as a common holiday because according to their beliefs, it is "the day of the birth of the holiest child in the history of mankind, the day of the birth of the Savior."

Christmas Eve is symbolized by the oak, which shepherds brought to the cave of Bethlehem, where, according to tradition, Jesus was born, and the sparks that flew into the sky announce his birth. A large number of citizens attended the celebration of Christmas Day, near the Temple of Saint Sava.

For Christmas, instead of the usual greeting, people greet each other with “Christ is risen” and respond to each other with “He is risen, indeed.” Christmas, along with Easter, is one of the two biggest Christian holidays.


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