Ostlund to N1: It is important to deal with Sarajevo Film Festival with respect


The film 'Triagle of Sadness' by Swedish filmmaker Ruben Ostlund has opened this year's Sarajevo Film Festival. Ostlund was also recipient of the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo award for his contribution to the film industry. In an exclusive interview with N1, Ostlund talked about his Sarajevo experience, what the Sarajevo Film Festival's prize means to him, but also about his career and first steps in the film industry.

The first thing he think of when speaking of Sarajevo are the film festival and the 1984 Winter Olympics, Ostlund said.

As a skiing fan, he said he would love to visit Sarajevo mountains one day and experience the winter here.

He also reveled that he loves the kind of humour one can sense in the Balkans. “Dark but very intelligent comedy,” is how he defined it.

As for Sarajevo and its film festival, the atmosphere is special, according to the filmmaker.

“Quite often when you are in festivals you don't really want to participate in the screenings, but here you always feel welcome,” said Ostlund.

The environment and the village in the valley, altogether, the atmosphere is special, he added.

Referring to the fact that the first edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival was organised during the war, 28 years ago, he stressed “it was important to deal with this festival with respect.”

Watch the full interview with Ostlund in the video.