Outgoing international envoy in BiH reaffirms support for his successor

NEWS 01.07.2021 14:45
Source: N1

Ambassadors of the Peace Implementation Council officially appointed Christian Schmidt as the new High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with support of all countries except Russia, outgoing High Representative Valentin Inzko told N1, commenting on the appointment of the new international envoy who will oversee the peace process implementation in BiH.

“The PIC Steering Board, with the exception of Russia, welcomed in its Communique from June 2, 2021, the appointment of Mr Christian Schmidt as the new High Representative and expressed a full support for his strengthening the stability of BiH, by ensuring the consistent implementation of the civilian aspects of the General Framework Agreement for Peace,” said Inzko, who will hand over the duty on August 1.

Commenting on the recent UN Security Council session which discussed the appointment, he noted that all member states again with the exception of Russia welcomed Schmidt's appointment and expressed full support to the Office of the High Representative.

“In any case, the UN Security Council does not play the crucial role in the appointment of high representatives,” he added.

Speaking about the verdict in the retrial of Serbia's ex security officers Jovica Stanisic and Franko Simatovic, who were sentenced to 12 years in jail each for the war crimes in BiH and Croatia, Inzko pointed out the necessity to respect the court decisions.

“Denial of genocide and other crimes in the domain of the international law and, therefore, denial of final court decisions undermines the rule of law and poses a direct obstacle to peace, reconciliation and building the trust, and it openly denies compassion and empathy for the pain and the suffering of the victims,” said Inzko.

He called on authorities to tackle the issue of glorification of convicted war criminals and take “corrective actions in cases of murals, billboards, memorial plaques and other public events that have such purpose.”


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