Palmer, Eichhorst express optimism regarding talks on BiH electoral reform

NEWS 29.01.2022 15:35
Source: N1

US Special Envoy Matthew Palmer and Director of the European External Action Service (EEAS), Angelina Eichhorst, said that the ongoing talks with political party leaders in Bosnia on electoral reform have been constructive.

The EU and US officials met in with party leaders in the southern town of Neum.


Palmer said talks on electoral reform are constructive, but noted that the issues are difficult and will take time to resolve.

He stressed that it must be clear to everyone that, in order to comply with the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights, it will be necessary to adopt certain constitutional changes, which is not a simple process.

Eichhorst expressed optimism regarding the process but would not elaborate on it in detail, arguing that the politicians need to be given time and opportunities to discuss all issues with each other and then reveal the results themselves.

The two previously met with members of both houses of Bosnia’s Parliament and with members of the Inter-Agency Working Group tasked with electoral reform. They stressed that electoral reform is key for overcoming the political crisis in Bosnia and strengthening the country’s institutional framework, urging politicians to reach a compromise.


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