Parliament rejects initiative for Bosnian government reshuffle

NEWS 11.01.2021 16:32
Source: N1

The lower chamber of Bosnia's State Parliament rejected on Monday the dismissal of the Council of Ministers that was initiated by the opposition MPs.

The vote was preceded by a heated discussion on the work of the current composition of the Council of Ministers, with the opposition harshly criticising the idleness of ministers stating it would be “ethical and fair for them to leave.”

The ruling coalition's MPs said there was room for the improvement of the government's work but that this was not the moment for the ministers to be dismissed.

The initiative was rejected by 24 MPs, while 13 supported it and three abstained from the vote.

MPs of the centre-right Our Party, Social Democratic Party and Independent Bloc initiated the government reshuffle, arguing that this was the least productive composition of the Council of Ministers that Bosnia and Herzegovina ever had.


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