Party in BiH's RS entity files criminal complaints against polling board members

NEWS 25.03.2021 14:36
Source: Screenshot

The leader of the Party of Democratic Progress (PDP), one of the opposition parties in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity, said on Thursday that criminal complaints were submitted against members of the local polling boards in the RS over alleged irregularities in the local election process, especially in the town of Doboj.

Bosnia's Central Election Commission (CEC) annulled the results of the October 2020 local election in Doboj and Srebrenica due to alleged election fraud, and the elections were repeated in the two towns on February 21.

The ruling party in the RS, the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), won a majority in both towns.

“If we don’t stop electoral corruption, then we will have all other kinds of corruption in society; in health, agriculture, education. This corruption is based exclusively on elections, and that is why we expect, insist and demand that this criminal act gets its final judicial epilogue and that the electoral theft is stopped. We do not expect this only regarding Doboj, but we want to send a message that election theft cannot and must not take place,” said PDP leader, Branislav Borenovic.


He said criminal complaints were filed against all members of the polling boards – 89 in total – and that it is up to authorities to investigate who among them was involved in electoral manipulations.

“The organizers are well known, it is the top of the SNSD,” he alleged, adding that the results of the repeated election confirmed that the SNSD had 15,000 fewer votes than in the initial election in October last year.

Borenovic said that if the judiciary does not react, the party would submit complaints against individual members of the polling boards whom it suspects of involvement in election fraud.


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