Police in Spain arrest Bosnian charged with war crimes

NEWS 25.09.2022 14:23
Source: Ado Alagić

Police in Barcelona, Spain, arrested Ado Alagic, a 62-year-old Bosnian citizen accused of torturing prisoners in the Gabela prison camp near the BiH town of Capljina in 1993, according to the Spanish daily El Pais.

According to El Pais, Alagic used a false identity and police assume that he lived in Spain for more than a year. Citing the police, the paper said Alagic was arrested on September 15.

During the trial at the Cantonal Court in Mostar in 2016, Alagic signed a plea agreement in which he admitted that, while imprisoned at the Dretelj prison camp, he acted as warden and beat prisoners Mustafa Hodzic and Semir Balavac.

“He was a prisoner, like the rest of us. I don't know where he slept and ate, but it seems to me that he had a privileged position in the Dretelj camp, which means that he could beat other prisoners,” said Hodzic, according to BIRN BiH.

Balavac also said that Alagic mistreated other prisoners in Dretelj.

“Then they would tell us to lie on our backs on the hot concrete. Alagic then hit us in the face with a bar, he also used to slap us,” said Balavac.


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