Police requests documentation on several contracts from BiH Football Association

NEWS 08.04.2022 13:48
Source: NFSBiH

The State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) has requested documentation on several disputed contracts from Bosnia’s Football Association, N1 has learned.

The documentation, seen by N1, says that SIPA is asking the Football Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina (NFSBiH) to submit certain documents related to the alleged abuse of official authority by its employees.

A few weeks ago, SIPA requested employment contracts of three people, including the Director of Marketing and Communications, Vaso Mijovic, as well as U-15 staff member, Rijad Prolic.

SIPA is also seeking documentation regarding the engagement of Marko Milicic, an advisor to the president of the NFSBiH. They are seeking a decision on his engagement or employment by the Executive Board or another body within the Association.

SIPA wants to see reports Milicic wrote himself regarding his engagement in the NFSBiH, as well as on all payments the Association made to his account.

Specifically, they want the Association to clarify what “intellectual work” it paid Milicic for, as well as why it agreed to pay him for “additional future costs”, which include all estimated costs already stated in Milicic's contract.

Law enforcement also wants a list of people who travelled with the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the matches in Finland and Denmark in 2021, as well as documentation related to the costs at the Swiss Hotel in Sarajevo – specifically on all payments for all persons whose stay at the hotel was paid for by the Association.

SIPA also wants the complete documentation related to the construction of an artificial turf football field in Krupa na Vrbasu, Mostar and Ilijas.

State police already made such requests from the NFSBiH in 2021, but the Association did not submit the complete documentation.


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